#115398 The Wing Wing Brothers Math Spectacular

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Author: Ethan Long
Illustrated by: Ethan Long

This book meets the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten mathematics in Counting and Cardinality. It also meets the standards for kindergarten mathematics in Operations and Algebraic Thinking.

About the BookWilber, Wendell, Willy, Walter, and Woody really know how to put on a show. Five hilarious ducks juggle pies�splat, spin plates�crash, and show off their magic box�Wowee! Their slapstick routine is also a math lesson. They introduce the concepts greater than, less than, and equal to as well as addition and subtraction. All the while, students will be laughing so much, they won't even realize that they are learning.

A page for teachers and parents explains exactly how the book meets the Common Core State Standards.
32 pages
Grades: First
K: CC.4, 4b
1: NBT.4, 6

ISBN: 9780823429189