#114901 The Emperor's Army

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Author: Virginia Walton Pilegard
When the first emperor of China falls under the influence of an evil prime minister out to abolish education, a wise scholar and his son flee for the mountains. During their time hiding in a secluded cave, the young boy discovers a site that contains a complete militia made of clay. Archers kneel with bows, and soldiers stand with attention. Cloaked with the finest garb and weaponry, the warriors resemble real-life soldiers. After making the startling discovery, the boy conjectures the reason for the clay army�s creation.

The mystery behind the terra-cotta army�what some consider the eighth wonder of the world�is unveiled in this educational children�s story with ancient Chinese-inspired illustrations. A math lesson and a craft for making clay add to the learning experience.

About the Author
Virginia Walton Pilegard is the author of the critically acclaimed Warlord�s Series. In addition to researching and contemplating ideas for her next book, she continues her involvement in the Society of Children�s Books Writers and Illustrators, the California Reading Association, and the California Mathematics Council. Pilegard resides in Wishon, California.

ISBN: 9781589806900