#105951 Stack-n-Pack: Connecting Mathematical Representations Gr. PreK-2

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Authors: Dr. Janie Cates and Dr. Jill Reddish
Stack-n-Pack is an interactive, small group activity designed to enhance mathematical understanding through multiple representations. Students use problem solving to connect mathematical ideas using multiple representations. The Stack-n-Pack games for PreK-2 review a variety of mathematical concepts including: number sense, addition and subtraction facts, geometry, money, measurement, fractions, patterns, and algebraic reasoning. Stack-n-Pack is a wonderful way to bring excitement to the classroom through card games. In this fast-paced game, students find sets of cards that are alternate representations of a concept or procedure. They have so much fun playing the games they don�t even realize how much they are learning. Aligned to the NCTM Standards.
ISBN: 0927726165